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This George III Sheraton period satinwood games/console table looks fabulous underneath this large George III carved giltwood mirror

Making your room look the part

A lot can be said about making a statement when you design, layout and furnish a house or even just one room. Many interior designers follow set trends, others look for bold statements, some want to shock and others want to create an exciting look which keeps functionality and practicality to the fore.

Exciting interiors can be created quite simply, without making things too fussy or over complicated. The emphasis has to be on quality. Pick quality furnishings and materials and make a statement in a room, with a key piece of furniture linked into the layout and design. The term "Antique" furniture covers a myriad of furnishing types and really is too general a term to use in creating an exciting and exclusive look. In my book the way to go is to use a piece of "fine quality period furniture", something that is bold, oozes quality, and is well designed and constructed as the kingpin in your room design. This piece should be placed in a position that will make an impact as soon as you enter that room. A piece such as the George III Sheraton period satinwood games and console table with a fabulous mirror placed strategically above it (shown in the adjacent image), will create a massive uplift to your room design and will capture the attention of anyone who walks in the room.

I am not advocating for one minute that all you furniture should follow along stylistically or in the same period. Mix modern sofas, hang contemporary art, mix period furniture of different stylistic forms, Hepplewhite, Chippendale, Sheraton; early 18th century, early 19th century; mix your woods, walnut, mahogany, satinwood, rosewood;  but in all this planning and placing quality is the key. With a little thought you can achieve spectacular results yourself, without the need for a designer, keep things uncluttered, well laid out and make sure things harmonise together. This of course does not mean that everything is painted the same colour or covered with the same fabric, make sure that all you place in your space works well together to give an exclusive feel of quality. If you get it right, which I might add is easier than you think, your room will look spectacular. Keep the backdrop simple, perhaps a single neutral colour on the walls, let your furniture and art make your room come alive!

If you have a room or a space which you are not sure on how the best way to proceed should be, we would be delighted to help with suggestions for layouts, colours and materials. Often less is more, keep the quality high and make space around your furniture, please get in touch through our contact page and we will do our very best to help.

Marcus Adams

George II carved mahogany side table in the manner of Thomas Chippendale

This important beautifully carved George II carved mahogany side table, is crying out to be placed in a large hall, dining room or sitting room. It will form a an instant focus point with definite wow factor when placed against a wall in one of these principle rooms,

This table is depicted in Herbert Cescinsky's - English Furniture of the 18th Century (Vol II), page 274.

Carved Chippendale side table

Irish George III carved mahogany serpentine linen press

Irish George III carved mahogany serpentine linen press

This very rare and unusual linen press is both functional and incredibly decorative.

Traditionally used for keeping freshly laundered clothes, this piece historically would have been located in a bedroom or dressing room. In a modern times it could easily fulfill it's traditional role or be used in a hallway (both up or downstairs)or in a dining room or living room. It is a beautiful piece with wonderful carved detailing and oozes that quality is needed to bring together the look and functionality in an important room.

This press was exhibited at the prodigious Grosvenor House Fair in London back in 2007.