Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A. - "Entering Harbour"

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Description: A solitary ship, serenely sailing from the distant horizon into a narrow harbour channel, artistically observed and emotionalised by one of Britain's greatest 20th century artists - L.S. Lowry.

Further Information: Born in Rusholme, Manchester in November 1887, L.S. Lowry is unquestionably the most celebrated of British artists. His unique contribution to recording the period, culture and landscape of the industrial north is without parallel. His work is a most distinctive and comprehensive record of the pre and post World War II northern industrial town. Many people associate Lowry with "Matchstick men" which became virtually his trademark, but he also produced a large number of empty landscapes and seascapes which are now recognised as masterpieces in their own right. Later in his life he concentrated on producing paintings of figures either singly or in groups, invariably against a white background.

"The heavy ships that populate Lowry's later paintings and drawings move through the implacable waters with no apparent sign of human involvement; there is never a glimpse of figures working the vessels, which seem to move of their own mysterious accord ..... Ships and boats are more than mere carriers of cargo, they are loaded with a host of romantic associations encapsulating our understanding of life and death". (Michael Howard, "Lowry: A Visionary Artist", Lowry Press, 2000)

Condition: Excellent. No known restorations. Recently re-framed in a ribbed giltwood frame with gold tooled slip under museum glass.

Country of Origin: England

Artist & Painting: Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A., British (1887-1976) ? ?Entering Harbour? ? pencil on paper, signed and dated 1959.

Provenance: When visiting Lowry in the 1960?s, Harold Riley (one of Lowry?s compatriots) and a Manchester businessman friend, purchased this drawing directly from the artist, it has been with the same family since.

Maker: Laurence Stephen Lowry

Signed: L S Lowry (and dated1959) lower right.

Dimensions of Canvas: Height 10.00 inches (25.40cm) Width 13.50 inches (34.29cm)

Price: £38,900