Louis Farasyn - "The Descent from the Cross"

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Description: "The Descent from the Cross" is masterfully painted interpretation by Belgian artist Louis Farasyn, of the central panel of a triptych painting by Peter Paul Rubens in 1612-1614. The painting is the second of Rubens's great altarpieces for the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp, Belgium, along with The Elevation of the Cross.

Further Information: The principal subject is composed of nine figures: at the top of two ladders, workers are lowering the body of Christ with the aid of a shroud which one of them holds in his teeth, the other in the left hand. Bracing themselves firmly against the arms of the cross, each bends forward to guide the Christ with the hand that is left free while St. John, with one foot on the ladder and his back arched, supports him most energetically. One of Savior's feet comes to rest on the beautiful shoulder of the Magdalene, grazing her golden hair. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, placed midway on ladders so as to face each other, form, together with the two workmen in the upper part of the picture, a square of vigorous but plebeian figures. The Virgin, standing at the foot of the sacrificial tree, extends her arms towards her Son; Salome (properly, Mary Cleophas), kneeling, gathers up her robe.

Farasyn specialised in making copies of Old Master paintings and he copied 'The Descent' several times all slightly different. Another similar version is in the McManus Museum in Dundee.

Condition: Excellent. The painting has been lightly cleaned. Old re-lining.

Country of Origin: Belgium

Artist & Painting: Louis Farasyn, Belgium (1822-1899) - "The Descent from the Cross" - dated 1853. Signed lower left. Oil on canvas in a new English made Italian neo-classical style frame.

Provenance: Private collection Austria, latterly private collection Cheshire

Signed: L. Farasyn and dated 1853 (lower left)

Dimensions of Canvas: Height 35.00 inches (88.90cm) Width 26.00 inches (66.04cm)

Price: £11,950