John Linnell, RA, HRSA, RWS - "Tending the Flock"

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Description: An evocative study into the quintessence of light and sky, shepherds and their flock look out over Southampton Water, an image captured by one of the 19th century's greatest artists - John Linnell. As with many of his great works, principally the Biblically inspired pictures, the movement of light across the foreground is the source of drama ? in this work the sky becomes almost an intruder over the land.

Further Information: Brought up in an artistic environment, John's father, James, was a carver and gilder. The young Linnell's artistic talents became apparent at an early age and his father was able to capitalise on them setting his son to work producing copies of George Morland (whose works were much in demand), which he was able to sell. John studied under Sir Benjamin West and renowned landscape painter John Varley, and rose to become one of the outstanding landscape painters of the 19th century.

Linnell commanded around 1000 guineas for his work, an extraordinary sum; his name and ability being compared to, and often regarded in his day as superior to the likes of Turner, Constable, William Blake and Samuel Palmer. Works by Linnell can be found at the Tate Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. This painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy's Exhibition of Old and Modern Masters in 1883, titled Southampton Water.

Condition: Excellent. The painting has been cleaned, old re-lining.

Country of Origin: England

Artist & Painting: John Linnell, British, (1792 - 1882) "Tending the Flock" signed and dated 1866 centre right. Oil on canvas, in the original fine swept gilt wood frame.

Provenance: H.J.Turner Esq. Stockleigh House, Regents Park, London. Latterly for the last 20 years, private collection Cambridge.

Maker: John Linnell

Signed: J Linnell and dated 1866 (centre right)

Dimensions of Canvas: Height 28.00 inches (71.12cm) Width 39.00 inches (99.06cm)

Price: £69,000