Charles II walnut framed raised needlework

Stock Code: 2000 - SOLD

Description: A fine English Charles II raised needlework picture worked in coloured silks and coiled metal threads on to a stitched silk ground. The central scene depicting a courting couple in classic 17th century costume who are believed to be King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. In many pictures of this era Sheba is seen bearing gifts to Solomon, in this case she has an owl perched on her wrist symbolizing his wisdom. The peripheral of the picture with trailing vines, leaves, flowers and animals.

Further Information: The term raised work was applied to pictures which were executed in the 17th century but later the Victorians adapted this to Stumpwork by which it has become known today. This particular work would have probably been made originally as a cushion cover and is particularly unusual in that the background has been entirely stitched, rather than having spot motifs laid onto a silk ground. The needlework is housed in a later solid walnut frame.

Condition: Excellent. Minor restorations to small parts of the needlework, the walnut frame later.

Country of Origin: England

Origin/Age: English, Charles II, circa 1670

Provenance: Private collection Worcestershire

Dimensions: Height 13.00 inches (33.02cm) Width 18.00 inches (45.72cm)

Price: £13,900