Alfred de Br'anski Jnr "Ullswater"

Stock Code: 1796 - SOLD

Description: ?Ullswater? is a tranquil evening lake scene set in the English Lake District, painted by Alfred Fontville de Br?anski, son of famous artist father and mentor, Alfred de Br?anski.

Further Information: Alfred Jr. painted mainly landscapes with subject matter similar to his father, namely English, Welsh or Highland lake or loch scenes usually during sunrise or sunset capturing that mystic glow of the red skied half light magically on canvas. He probably found it hard following in the footsteps of such a renowned father and took a while to decide on his own identity, sometimes signing his work A. Fontville, sometimes using the name Gustave Courtier when he painted flowers; he eventually established a signature similar to his fathers, signing his paintings either ?Alfred Jnr or A F de Br?anski?. Comparisons were often made by experts as to the quality of his work compared to his father, a general consensus amongst these experts suggests that AF?s work was not always quite as good father?s, however many times his work did equal or exceed that Alfred Snr.

Condition: Excellent. The painting has been cleaned.

Country of Origin: England

Artist & Painting: Alfred Fontville de Br?anski, British, (1877-1957) ? ?Ullswater? (inscribed verso) ? circa 1910. Oil on canvas, in new British made swept gilt frame.

Provenance: From a private collector in West Sussex.

Maker: Alfred Fontville de Breanski

Signed: Alfred de Breanski Jnr (lower left) and inscribed verso

Dimensions of Canvas: Height 18.00 inches (45.72cm) Width 24.00 inches (60.96cm)

Price: £5,900